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Our family

We are a large family with an agricultural background. Both, my father, Celestino González de Chaves, and my mother, Ana Parache, started the Finca San Diego in 1976, planting 46.000 M2 of grapes.

Varieties such as white and red Listán, Negra Moll, Tintilla,...gave our wine a singular Canary Island taste. We are proud to say that we won several prices.

For many years, we produced a locally known red and white "Finca San Diego", supplying many of the of restaurants within the Island. It was also sold at our family La Cuadra de San Diego, restaurant.

Due to the large amount of wine produced in the Island and to the difficulty of exporting it, a few years a go we decided to migrate our vinyards to avocado trees.

At the moment, we have planted 750 trees consisting of four four different varieties and aim to have upwards of 1.000 trees. Hopefully avocado production will start by 2017.


A retired gynecologist, he now runs the farm. Fully occupied in the migration process from grapes to avocados and other tropical fruit.

He speaks English and can always be found hanging around the farm.


Runs the apartments and helps out with agricultural side.
Very involved in the agricultural changes of the farm.

He speaks English and a little German and French.

Any suggestions?. He is the right person +34 607 684 159


In Charge of the farm.

He is always helpful.


In charge of the apartments.

She speaks German and a little English.

Always there Monday through Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00 +34 609 360 359

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