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San Diego Apartaments

Calle Acentejo 36.
38370, La Matanza de Acentejo. Tenerife

San Diego Apartaments, El Médano

Edificio Oeste
Apartament 205
Calle Suecia 32, El Médano
+34 607684159

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How to arrive to San Diego Apartments

Apartament in El Médano

Entering El Médano by TF 64, turn right onto Calle (Street) Tenerife and continue until you find the Street Calle Suecia on your left hand side. The building, Edificion Oeste, i son the number 32 of the Street. Apartment 205

Apartaments in the North of Tenerife, La Matanza

Coming from the airport, on TF-5, take exit 23, to La Matanza de Acentejo.

From TFS airport, follow the way to Santa Cruz. (TF-1).

About 50 km ahead, you should take exit (Exit 6) to TF-2, La Laguna, Aeropuerto del Norte.

Go for about 4 Km on TF-2, then stick to LEFT lane. You will then find TWO tunnels. Follow the road signs to TF-5 La Laguna, Aeropuerto del Norte.

This will lead you to TF-5. Stay on this motorway and just follow the signs to Puerto de la Cruz for about 20Km.

Take Exit 23 LA MATANZA and then take the roundabout. On its firs exit, you will pass by your right Restaurante Buena Suerte’. Just keep driving straight and parallel to the motor way for about 500m.

You will see a signpost, with some roadsigns. One of them reads FINCA SAN DIEGO. Then turn right, and 50 meters ahead you will find another sign that reads FINCA SAN DIEGO on the right. YOU are now at Finca San Diego!. 20 metres ahead you must dial 4107( on the driver’s side) to open the electric gate that leads you to the farm.

You may park your car at the end of the driveway.

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