San Diego Apartaments, El Médano.

El Médano is the ideal place for lovers of nature and water sports.

It´s an old fishing village where you can practice your favorite water sports, hiking and biking.

Enjoy our small one bedroom apartment located just five minutes walk from the beach.

San Diego Apartments in Tenerife North

Over many years, the apartments have transformed from a humble goat shed to a warehouse until finally in 2009, the building had a major makeover to become the apartments you see in the photos.

There are many places you can escape to, and then there are real escapes. A semi tropical paradise where you can lose yourself in infinite vistas of the open ocean, contemplate uninterrupted sunsets and dine by moonlight while being surrounded by nature, an island escape to a time long lost.

You may get lost in a time gone by while strolling amongst the palm trees, watching the geckos race undercover from the kestrels circling above, but when your ready to come back to civilisation, a cool drink by the poolside will be awaiting.


A cosy cottage, the Teide at your back on a canvas of open ocean, a difficult scenario to top.

Try our Tropical fruit

Fresh tropical fruit anyone? Remember that we produce our own fruit , bananas, avocados, passion fruit, guava, figs, paraguaya, and papaya, fresh off of the tree… Freshness the supermarkets cant beat.


Swimming pool area.


Coming from apartments.

Sun bed on the pool garden

Arriving to Finca San Diego

The view

The view from the parking place becomes steeper as it turns the corner leading down to the ocean. At the ocean’s edge you can see most of the Northern Coast of Tenerife, including Puerto de la Cruz, Orotava, Garachico and Buenavista.

La finca: Let's go Ecological!!

Finca (farm) San Diego has been in the family since the 1930's, when it was purchased by our great grand parents Don Pancho and Doña Delfina. It runs from La Matanza main road almost down to the sea.

During its lifetime, Finca San Diego had raised a variety of crops such as tabaco, strelitzias bananas… For the last thirty years it has been dedicate to vines to produce San Diego wine, both red and white, getting great national and international prices.

For the past two years, the farm has been migrating from grapes to avocados. In two years time, we hope to be fully producing nice avocados.

The farm uses only ecological products for pests control, though we do use inorganic fertilizers for nursing our younger plants. This will only last for the first three years until the trees mature enough to start producing. From that moment on, only ecological organic fertilizers will be used. (2018)

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